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“Helping owners of businesses with 0 to 10 employees with their marketing so they easily find and connect with their ideal customers and don’t have to work for too many hours a day.”


Marketing is more than a video, a blog, a post, … Marketing is a set of systems that need to work together to produce the desired results. A bit like your car: it is more than a motor, some pedals and wheels: you need to operate its parts in a congruent way to produce distances.

That is why the courses in the shop are all different and diverse. I don’t want to just supply you with an engine or a wheel and then leave you to your own devices. No, I want you to be able to put together a system that is complete.

Welcome in my world were marketing works for you.


Know the value of your product to your target audience.

Strategy and numbers

Shooting blindly at random is far too expensive. Which is why strategy and measurability are important.



Technical skills and tools that efficiently put your marketing system in the real word .


Promoting Tesla’s in a poor African neighborhood is not wise. Neither is talking Klingon to earthly customers. Pick your appropriate channels, live their culture. and use their best formats.


Who are your ideal customers, what do they need, where do you find them and how do you address them?

Psychology and mindset

Sometimes your customers are just people. Find out what engages and moves them so that your marketing effectively acts on these psychological factors.
What about your mindset?


Active Clients


Cups of Tea

CUSTOMER FIRST! Make understanding your customer a priority.

Increase Conversion Rates

Increase your conversion rate for more sales and, when done right, your profits as well.

Retain your customers

It is at least 50% easier to keep selling to existing customers than to find new ones.

Be seen and create traffic

Staying the best kept secret is the worst marketing strategy to success.

Create your own working marketing machine and create happy, loyal customers so you have better results and more time for family and friends

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Ok thanks Guy for your prompt reply. You breathe service.


Thanks also for your professional approach. I learned in the meantime that you did a super job.

(substitute speaker for E. H.)

Yes, went smoothly. Merci for yet another perfect solution.

K. H., CEO

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